Scientists Uncovers The Chemical Compound Which Can Overcome Your Unwanted Thoughts

Scientists Uncovers The Chemical Compound Which Can Overcome Your Unwanted Thoughts

Many people across the globe come across unwanted thoughts which keep on running inside their mind. It is difficult to get rid of such thoughts and sometimes it can give rise to depression and other health issues. Many research studies are conducted in this field but none of them were successful in finding the root cause of this issue and how to overcome it.

A new study conducted by the researchers from the University of Cambridge says that the presence of the chemical compound called gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) which can effectively help in overcoming the unwanted thoughts. This compound is present in the hippocampus and the chemical acts as a neurotransmitter in this process.

The presence of GABA compound plays a crucial role which can help an individual to overcome the unwanted thoughts. This is the novel study which can help millions of people who have negative or unwanted thoughts running in their mind. This chemical compound can be found in the memory portion of the brain and it can effectively overcome the unwanted thoughts.

The GABA compound basically acts a carrier of the message to the brain cells. This compound is released by the nerve cells and then it is transported to the other connected cellular network. In coming years more deep research needs to be conducted to analyse the role and effectiveness of GABA compound in overcoming unwanted thoughts.
If this chemical compound can successfully erase the negative or unwanted thoughts, then the dependence on medication and existing drugs will be reduced. Also, people can stay healthy and happy as it can overcome mental disorders including anxiety, anger, depression, and others.

The concentration of GABA chemical in the brain plays a major role in inhibiting and overcoming the unwanted thoughts. This study also throws lights on the factors which lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

Even though we try to indulge ourselves in different things to get rid of unwanted thoughts we cannot do so at times. Thus this study has proved that GABA chemical can greatly help such individuals. This study which shows the link between GABA chemical and getting rid of unwanted thoughts can be seen in the journal Nature Communications.

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