This app can eradicate Apple’s biggest mistake iPhone X Notch

This app can eradicate Apple's biggest mistake iPhone X Notch

Got fed up with Apple’s iPhone X Notch? Here’s a way to toss out the problem permanently. Though iPhone X has a number of fascinating features, its notch has created huge issues among the public today. The company has recently tossed up one app that can eradicate the issues of iPhone X notch.

Notcho app is the one who will solve all your problems. It will not just take out a notch from the smartphone but will also help users in multiple ways. Users can download this app designated by Nacho chip representation directly from the Apple’s app store.

After getting into the application, users can also create their own wallpaper to hide the notch completely from the screen. This is not a miracle. Wallpapers will fill the notches with small black parts from both the ends.

The battery indication and time will shift to the black part of the wallpaper, thus making the groove holding larger when viewed. The app has a number of inbuilt wallpapers and users can choose it as per their interest.

However, if users are not pleased with those wallpapers they can get it customized by paying $1.99 once and then enjoy different fascinating background colors with elegant wallpapers. Another way users can hide or remove the notch is to download a prototype and prepare the wallpapers on their own in a similar way the Notcho designs.

The prototype will be in PNG format. It will let users insert their images of interest and remove the unwanted and irritating notches from the display screen. However, this option has a drawback that users can hide the notch only when the screen is a lock or when they are on their home screen.

The moment they visit any other application; the notch will reappear again. So, this can’t be a good option for those who don’t want to entertain the notch even for a single moment.

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