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Mercedes’ Vision to Achieve Higher Market Share in Electric Car Manufacturing Sector

Mercedes’ Vision to Achieve Higher Market Share in Electric Car Manufacturing Sector.

Tesla Motors is currently the pioneer in the electric car manufacturing sector and many companies have an eye on developing similar technology in order to increase their market share in this newly developing sector. Mercedes plans to take down Tesla motors by achieving the higher market share in this sector by their new invention and development of EV fleet which the parent company of Mercedes has been developing quietly for more than a year. Daimler has already made their investments in the electronic car manufacturing sector with a whopping amount of $11 billion in the fleet sector. The company plans to electrify their every model and enter the market with their new models by the end of 2022. The company is focused on electrifying maximum models of their car range and would introduce either a complete electric model or a hybrid version of the two by the end of 2022.

This is considered to be a tough competition for Tesla and Mercedes since Tesla is an old player in the electric car manufacturing sector and has the highest market share. Mercedes and the parent company Daimler is no less than Tesla in the regular car manufacturing company and holds an epic position in the market along with a high brand value among the loyal customers. Tesla has established a unique position in the electric car manufacturing sector and among the customers with their innovative and epic design models in the different range of cars. But the special connection which the company is able to develop with the customer base is due to special respect for innovator and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. He is popular among the customers and other audience due to innovative abilities and his continuous attempt to develop a sustainable future with the development of technology which would cause minimum damage to the environment and nature.

Tesla has their own Tesla-branded stores which provide the complete range of Tesla cars to the customers and with the help of their technology, the company is able to provide all the necessary updates related to their technology to their customers over the air. Although the company was in bad news related to their recent development of Model 3 car which is considered to be a mass-market product. There was news about the development of mere 500 units of the Model 3 car and these units were only able to meet the requirements of the employees. The company has recently sliced nearly 40 percent of the orders of this model 3 car due to inadequate inabilities to meet the demand of the customers.

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