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One glass of alcohol in a day increases the risk of cancer, the study claims

One glass of alcohol in a day increases the risk of cancer, the study claims

Enjoying one glass of alcohol per day might increases the chances of cancer, claims the research study published in Clinical Oncology Journal. After analysing number of studies, researchers came to the conclusion that most of the deaths related to cancer are due to moderate drinking of alcohol every day.

This is not the first research study that exposes the relationship between drinking alcohol and cancer. 2012 noticed a huge loss of population due to cancer deaths after drinking a considerable amount of alcohol on daily basis.

Moderate or considerable drinking implies to one glass of drink per day for women and two glass per day for men. Two newly conducted types of research give a sturdy confirmation of breast cancer after consuming one glass of alcohol a day.

According to Health and Human Services of United States, alcohol is known to be carcinogenic in nature. National Cancer Institute says, more alcohol consumption leads higher risk of developing cancer (can be of any type).

The study doesn’t suggest you to quit the alcohol completely. Taking a sip once in a while is perfectly reasonable. But, drinking on regular basis can be fatal. “If you have the habit of drinking then reduce the intake, and you don’t have the habit, never turn up for drinking.”

Apart from quitting alcohol consumption, researchers also suggested readers exercise regularly so as to decrease the chances of breast cancer. The study claims, women who is physically active have fewer chances of emerging cancer than those who sit at one place whole day doing least body movements.

One of the best measure that government can initiate in order to decrease cancer-related deaths is by increasing the rates and taxes imposed on alcohols. Alice Bender, a dietician says, “Exercising regularly and taking nourishing diet is all you need to do to keep yourself healthy.” “If you aren’t doing so, make a new start by keeping yourself healthy and risk-free from these deadly diseases.”

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