Razer rolls Out New WaterProof Keyboard Which Can Resist Spills Till Certain Level

Razer rolls Out New WaterProof Keyboard Which Can Resist Spills Till Certain Level

Razer is the popular gaming hardware manufacturer company headquartered in Singapore and California. This company is the pioneer in launching innovative hardware devices which are specifically meant for gamers. Some of the devices manufactured by Razer are laptops, wearable devices, tablets, and other hardware components.

A newly introduced keyboard by Razer is extremely beneficial for the people who carry eat and work simultaneously. This keyboard can resist any kind of spills like water spill, beer spill, milk spill and any other beverage without affecting the keyboard. Thus the gamers can now enjoy playing games and their eating or drinking habit simultaneously.

This new Razer keyboard is tough enough to resist water and other drinks and users need not cry over the spills. But it should be noted that there is a certain limit to this resistance as throwing keyboard directly into water will damage it.

The Razer keyboard has been rated with IP54 which indicates water and dust resistance. This rating suggests that the keyboard can work properly when a moderate amount of water is spilled onto it. Another water-resistant smartphone is rated with IP67.

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard is now made more durable to facilitate water and dust resistance. This keyboard has mechanical switches, programming support. However, this keyboard does not support ripples or waves. All the interested users can purchase the report from the Razer store and the price of the report is $110. This keyboard will be available for purchase from by year end.

Other exciting features of this keyboard are Razer Synapse, Gaming mode option, Ultrapolling, and others. The other keyboard which comes at a cheap price is Corsair’s K68 keyboard which has a price tag of $99. This keyboard will save the device from water mishaps which may take place at their workplace.

The water resistance feature will soon roll out to all the keyboards as it is the mandatory feature.

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