Like Android, Chrome OS notifications will also provision in-line replies for messages

Like Android, Chrome OS notifications will also provision in-line replies for messages

In line, reply actions have made life of Android app users more comfortable and easy to respond people. Chrome OS users using Android phones wish to do the same. There’s a good news for them that chrome will provide them the facility of replying to their notifications via inline messages.

Chrome OS always try to bring something fresh to their smartphones and made many changes in the Android apps that are typically based on the cloud-based operating system. Their updates are always appreciated by its users.
According to the rumors, Chrome OS handset users get the same notification as that of the Chrome users gets on Android devices. But, this is not what actually happens. The new functionality which comes into the picture is the inline messages.

The application is still not wholly developed and will take a bit longer for rolling out for the devices. Later, you can try doing this yourself once your handset gets updated with the application.

Current scenario of the Chrome OS is something different and unusual. You need to essentially click on the send button that makes quite messy for you to do flawless chatting. After you hit the reply button, the application stops working and gives no idea to the users what actually happened. Hence, it was an attempt by Google to make handset users life easier.

Along with summit icon, several other features go missing from the application. The animation is one of them. The tech giant will be rolling out the update soon to the market, most probably along with next Google developer version update.

The updated operating system will be an open source available to all the users publicly. When the update reaches your smartphone, it would probably help you to compete when you are in the race of Netflix epic.

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